The first stage of any Biodiversity Net Gain project is to fully understand and document a site’s ecological baseline. Through a combination of desk study and field surveys, our Ecologists assess and record the type and condition of all habitats on site, and then use DEFRA’s Statutory Biodiversity Metric to determine the baseline Biodiversity Units, and devise a suitable BNG Strategy.

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BNG Baseline Surveys can be undertaken at any time of year, but best botanical results are achieved in Spring to early Summer.   Detailed recording of every habitat on the site is carried out using the UK Habitat Classification system with the condition of each habitat parcel individually assessed.  The site survey also extends to a record of the plant species present and the potential for the site to support protected species such as bats, badger, hazel dormice and great crested newt.  Soil surveys can also be arranged at an early stage too in order to understand nutrient levels and pH.

Alongside the site assessment, a Desk Study is undertaken to provide context to the site and surrounding landscape.   Information from the Local Authority and other available resources is accessed to determine the presence of designated 

sites and locally important habitats.  Relevant Local Plans, Strategies and Policies are reviewed to understand Local Nature Recovery targets and challenges.

Further to production of a baseline, the Statutory BNG Metric is then used to model potential options for habitat creation and enhancement.  For development projects, this forms a key part of the design process to understand what can be delivered on-site, and identify where there may be a need for off-site provision.   For habitat banking projects, the aim is to present a series of suitable habitat options for consideration, and the potential unit yield that could be generated. The baseline survey results and potential options are summarised in a BNG Assessment & Strategy Report.

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Once a site-level strategy for BNG has been determined, our Nature Recovery Consultants and Landscape Architects will work to turn the concept into a realistic design. This will be illustrated on a Site Masterplan supported by a 30-Yr Habitat Management & Monitoring Plan (HMMP) which details all of the capital, maintenance & monitoring actions required to achieve the intended BNG targets, and further supported by a detailed budget calculator modelling all costs throughout the lifespan of the project.
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The physical delivery of BNG habitat enhancement and creation works requires specialist Contractors with a great deal of ecological knowledge and understanding. Not only do we support highly-skilled teams with an array of specialised machinery and equipment, but our people care about the environment and take an immense pride in their work, ensuring that all BNG projects are delivered to incredibly high standards.
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The true success of BNG schemes will be seen in the effectiveness of maintenance and monitoring over the period of +30-years. Our Grounds & Estates Division supports teams of roaming Countryside Rangers who specialise in this type of skilled ecological maintenance, and can offer far wider benefits including general site management and community liaison. Through establishing clusters of BNG sites with dedicated delivery teams, we can offer a flexible, cost-effective solution to ensure that BNG targets are always achieved.
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